A historical perspective of the breaking scene

Welcome to BREAKHISTORY.ORG. This website is designed as a historical archive that focuses on the stories and information told by those involved within the breaking (breakdancing) scene in Australia.

The stories as told through interviews predominantly by dancers and other persons involved in the breaking scene, including djs and writers are done so, to share their personal account of the journey and discovery they undertook whilst being involved within the bboy/bgirl community, in the particular time period they were most active. As these accounts are of a personal nature, I have made the best effort to convey and discern creditable information. The emphasis of hip hop culture has and is still largely a practical art form in comparison to other art forms that often require some study and formal education as a requirement of entry. This has meant, checking information against source material often found in archives or libraries has been difficult. Still there is enormous value I believe in listening and reading the personal accounts of those that have kindly given me their time over the few years I carried out this project. This knowledge can hopefully at least shed light for some who share an interest in wanting to know what breaking was like. The guarantee of this information ultimately lies with those which I have interviewed. What I have aimed for is to reflect their expression, account of their knowledge and provision of facts that perhaps myself or another can investigate further. These interviews are not biographies or biographical work and if this were the case, the work collected by me would be published in a different manner and for people perhaps I have not interviewed.

With that said, take something away from it all. Learn something new and enjoy some funny stories along the way.